Gymsport currently offers open gym for any athlete wanting to work on their skills! The cost is $5 per hour.
Open Gym hours: Wednesday 8:00-10:00 and Friday 5:00-8:00

Are you a gymnast, break dancer, capoeirista, skiier, martial artist, free runner, traceur, dancer or tumbler who needs a safe place to practice new skills? This is definitely the place for you. Please email Coach Lauren if you'd like more information! A signed waiver must be on file for all participants.

Open Gym Waiver (under 18)
Adult Open Gym Waiver

Mini Open Gym! We know some families stretch the age gap between Open Gym and Preschool Playtime. In an effort to let everyone play together, we now offer Mini Open Gym on Friday evenings from 4:00 to 5:00. Kids ages 9 and under are welcome to come play for $5. With safety in mind, children under the age of 6 will be expected to leave at the start of regular Open Gym at 5:00.

Check Out Gymsport’s new Tramp Zone!
Our new deck and trampoline zone are now open! Athletes must be over the age of 9 or have a round off two back handsprings to use the new deck equipment.
The cost will be $10 for one hour, $15 for two hours, or $20 for three hours.
This price includes use of the new equipment, plus all of the regular Open Gym activities. Regular Open Gym prices will remain the same ($5 per hour).

Why the different prices?
  1. The new area has top of the line equipment - a brand new foam pit, a 60 foot TumblTrak trampoline, a 60 foot rod floor, one Elite Bed trampoline and one Euro/Aussie Bed trampoline (extra air!).
  2. A coach will be on hand for (minimal) spotting and tumbling advice.
  3. The number of athletes admitted onto the deck will be limited - meaning more turns, more opportunities to flip, and less worries about running into another tumbler!

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