All School-age gymnastics classes are co-ed and for ages six and above (unless otherwise specified). For classes for students aged five and below, please check out our fantastic preschool programs! If you're not sure what class your child should be enrolled in, please stop in or give us a call at 412-220-1195. We will be happy to evaluate his or her skill level so they can be registered in the correct class!

Check out these great articles from USA Gymnastics: Bronze Beginner and Bronze Intermediate* Gymnastics
60 Minutes

Never taken gymnastics before? This is the class for you! Following USAG guidelines, your athlete will learn basic gymnastic skills such as cartwheels on floor, walks and jumps on the beam, pullovers on bars, dive rolls on vault plus LOTS of fun skills on the trampoline and TumblTrak!

Silver Beginner* and Silver Intermediate* Gymnastics
60 Minutes

Mastered the basic skills in our Bronze class? In Silver we will learn the next step in progressions on bars, beam, floor, vault and trampoline. Building on the basics, we will work on backbend kickovers, perfect the back hip circle, practice handstands on the balance beam and start back handsprings.

Gymsport Gymnasts Gold Intermediate* and Gold Advanced* Gymnastics
60 Minutes

This activity-packed gymnastics class is for the gymnast who has already progressed though both Bronze and Silver. In Gold we perfect the back handspring and introduce more advanced gymnastics skills such as a front handspring vault, front and back tucks, and jumping to the high bar.

Recreational Team*
2 to 4 hours/week

Rec Team is offered at Gymsport for the athlete who loves gymnastics and has shown a natural talent for the sport but has not quite made the commitment to move into the competitive program. Advanced gymnasts are invited to this two-hour class to really concentrate on gaining and perfecting skills. Running tumbling passes, aerials, kips, flyaways, front handspring vaults, and cartwheels and back walkovers on beam will be covered in this incredible class.

Bronze/Silver 10 and Older
Ages 10+ - 60 Minutes

You don't have to start gymnastics at a very young age to succeed! Our 10 and Older class is for our beginning gymnasts who would prefer to be with classmates her own age. Due to the good listening skills of this age group, this Bronze and Silver level class advances more quickly through skills and will help your child to master some amazing gymnastics!

Sports Acrobatics Pre-Team
60 MinutesGymsport Sports Acro

Sports Acrobatics is an amazing new type of gymnastics that combines strenth, balance and grace - while pulling off some jaw-dropping stunts! Athletes work in pairs or trios to perform amazing balancing acts, synchronized tumbling and flexibility skills. No pre-requisite is required to join this pre-team class, and anyone is welcome to join!

Precious Gems*
Ages 5-7 - 1.5 to 4.5 hours/week

Precious Gems is our accelerated gymnastics class for ages 5 to 7, and a lead-in to our Gymsport Gems Competitive Gymnastics Program. This invitation-only class will teach your child the USAG Level 1 and 2 skills and routines, help her to learn confidence and balance, and lead her to be a winning gymnast in the future!

Girls, Ages 7+ - 2 hours

Our Pre-Team class is designed for our talente students ages 7 and up who are interested in eventually joining our Gems Competitive Program. Athletes will progress through USAG's Level 1 through 3 skills and will be given the option to participate in an in-house competition in the spring!

Tumbling and Advanced Tumbling
60 Minutes

Gymsport's tumbling classes are designed for the school age child who is interested only in learning skills on floor. With our experienced coaches and tons of specialty equipment we can teach your kids cartwheels, back handsprings, front and back tucks and more! Our mixed-level tumbling classes include students at all ability levels. Coaches work with each athlete at their own skill level to ensure that all students learn and progress. This class is perfect for cheerleaders who would like to improve their tumbling for their routines! Athletes who wish to enter Advanced Tumbling must have a round off back handspring.

Tramp & Tumbling
60 Minutes

This class includes the best of both worlds - trampoline and floor! Athletes will learn to tumble on the floor, rod floor, TumblTrak and competition trampoline. These fun events help athletes learn muscle control, body awareness and strength while learning amazing new skills. Have a trampoline at home? Join our Tramp & Tumbling class to learn to use it safely (while gaining new tricks to impress your friends).

Boys' Gymnastics
Boys - 60 Minutes

Boys want to learn to flip, and what better place to learn than Gymsport? Coach Val will work with your son in this mixed-level class to help him learn the basics up to advanced skills! Floor, high bar, vault, mushroom pommel and strength will be covered in this class.

Ages 6-9 - 60 Minutes

You have advanced from a sidekick to taking your first big steps towards becoming a superhero. Learn to build and control your power and strength as you train to move effortlessly through your environment. Take pride in your training and skills as being a hero isnít easyÖ This parkour and tumbling class will cover body awareness, vaulting (kongs, dashes), basic to intermediate tumbling, obstacle use and techniques and wall work (ledge grabs, tic-tacs and wall runs).

Ages 9-12 - 60 Minutes

You have established your right to further your training. The environment around you has now become your personal playground. Building on skills from the past, you will continue to develop your flow and personal style. Your spatial awareness will be tested and fine-tuned. No obstacle will stand in your way. In Titans, athletes will learn spatial and air awareness, intermediate vaults (dive kong, double kong), intermediate tumbling and flips, aerial maneuvers, personal flair and variations of skills. Parkour and tumbling are the focus of this class.

Ages 13+ - 60 Minutes

Bad guys beware! You can run, you can hide, but where you are the vigilantes can fly!
Step forth as a young hero towards the hardest challenges you will encounter. From walls and ledges to vaults and rails, we shall overcome it all. We will build your speed, strength and agility to effortlessly flow through the environment with your new-found style. Aerial maneuvers will be used frequently to master your air and spatial awareness. Join us and take to the skies!
Advanced vaulting, intermediate and advanced tumbling (gainer and gainer variations, B-twists and combination passes), wall and ledge techniques (wall kicks and flips) and fluidity of movement and connectivity will be explored in this killer parkour class.

* Students must be evaluated and recommended to join these classes. Free evaluations can be scheduled by calling 412-220-1195.
For the safety and enjoyment of your child please be sure that you follow the age and level guidelines that Gymsport has set in place.
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